About Us


Salty Sisters Bar And Grill

Salty Sisters Bar and Grill is a family-owned Cocoa Beach destination for delectable dishes and drinks. This is your one-stop for family-friendly entertainment, but when you’re ready for a night out, you’ll find Salty Sisters serving up good times after the kids go to bed!

Salty Sisters Bar and Grill is founded by Cape Canaveral sisters Elise Comelchook and Tiffany Martin. The two have had a penchant for the restaurant industry since childhood, when they playfully created their own eatery right in their living room. The girls went from serving parents and friends pizza rollups and “pickle in cup” to becoming industry professionals.

Elise and her husband, Peter, own Cape Canaveral bar and grill Slide Inn. She started as a banquet server at Raddison, and she’s also served as manager at Tootsies. Tiffany has worked at local places such as Jungle Village, Gregory’s, Steak and Shake, Hooters, and McDonalds. Her experience includes a career in the music industry. She was on the radio show Real Radio 104.1 Monsters in the Morning. Tiffany moved to Vegas and sang in the city’s only all-female band for a decade.

Both are moms of two children, and both love the Cocoa Beach community. Elise runs a local dart league; Tiffany enjoys boating on the Indian River. Both have so much in common but are bringing their individual personalities into Salty Sisters to create an atmosphere like no other.

Elise and Tiffany are excited to merge their experiences with their sisterhood and bring Cocoa Beach an amazing, warm, and fun atmosphere, right along with tasty foods and new spins on classic drinks. Stop by for a good time!